Saint Prix

The site – with a surface area of 2.3 hectares – is located in the community of Saint- Prix (95). The approach to the site is where rue d’Ermont and avenue Général Leclerc intersect. The urban fabric there is loose, occupied mainly by suburban constructions, intended for residential and commercial use.

The proposed design has been adopted after a series of Massing were performed. Apart from the massing, various factors which were considered in design include: maximizing solar access, reducing building ground coverage, preventing over shadowing of the neighboring structures, designing cohesive public and private spaces, and connecting the neighborhood well.



Mixed-Use Tall Building


Concept Design Stage


Saint Prix, France


2.3 Hectares.

Core Design Concept


Climate of a region plays a very important role in our designs. Weather and climate are primary factors that affect any region and hence, are important to design spaces that have better indoor thermal conditions.


The culture of a region is another key determinant of our architectural designs. It is the way people live and function in a city or space that defines the use and style of how the space should look and feel like.


Critical Regionalism' or context is the process of design which accommodates climatic and social factors of the region where the building is to be constructed. The overall context of what surrounds the structure to be built.