About Aesthetic Designs

Creating Innovation, Inspiring Design, Shaping the Future

Founded in 1990 by Ar. Juzer Chahwala, Aesthetic Designs has been a pioneer in delivering innovative design solutions that resonate with creativity, functionality, and sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Aesthetic Designs has carved a niche as a renowned architectural firm that not only designs structures but also shapes experiences.

About Aesthetic Designs

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs!  

30+ years of experience in architecture, planning, interior design and structural engineering.

Aesthetic Group’s Successful administration on numerous noteworthy projects showcases the expertise in Project Planning, Designing, Construction Documentation, Bidding, and Administration.

Empowering Spaces, One Project at a Time

At the heart of our journey lies a dedication to creating spaces that transcend expectations and elevate the human experience. With a portfolio that boasts a diverse array of projects, from intricate interiors to monumental structures, Aesthetic Designs has consistently delivered exceptional designs that leave a lasting impression.
Prime minister Modi at sustainable architecture space

Honoring Tradition, Embracing the Future

One of our recent milestone achievements is the completion of the Al-Jamea tus Saifiyah project in Andheri, Marol. This monumental endeavor, inaugurated by Sayedna Saheb and Prime Minister Modi, stands as a testament to our ability to blend tradition and innovation seamlessly. This accomplishment resonates with our core belief that architecture is not just about buildings; it’s about creating legacies that stand the test of time.

Global Reach, Endless Possibilities

In 2008, Aesthetic Group expanded its horizons with the inauguration of our London office, followed by the establishment of our Ugandan branch in 2020. With a vision to extend our global footprint, we are poised to continue delivering our expertise and design philosophy to diverse corners of the world.

Harmony with Nature, Harmony with Progress

Our philosophy is rooted in harmony with nature, and this ethos extends to our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aesthetic Group takes pride in aligning with 10 out of the 17 SDGs, employing strategies that encompass energy efficiency, water management systems, renewable energy solutions, responsible material sourcing, enhanced public transport accessibility, and cutting-edge sustainable technologies.

Empowering Visions, Transforming Realities

Our journey is marked by the realization that every design is a vision waiting to be brought to life. With an array of delighted clients spanning the globe, we take immense pride in collaborating to turn dreams into built realities.


Delighted Clients Around The World


Architect Members in our HQ


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Residential, Cultural & Commercials

J. Chahwala


Founder / PARTNER / Ar.

Ar. Juzer Chahwala

Principal Architect With a Masters in Urban Design from the University of Oklahoma, Ar. Juzer Chahwala has been a driving force in architecture since 1990. He has enriched communities across India and the world through his distinctive architectural projects. As Principal Architect, Project Designer, and Project Administrator, he has steered challenging projects to successful completion. His dedication to architecture and his role as an AIA Member and USGBC Member continue to guide our journey.

Huzaifa Chahwala



Ar. Huzaifa Chahwala

CEO Ar. Huzaifa Chahwala, armed with a Masters in Sustainable Tall Buildings from the University of Nottingham, brings a global perspective to our design philosophy. His expertise spans Mumbai, London, Dubai, and Uganda. As CEO, he spearheads our commitment to sustainability, emphasizing mixed-use architecture. He has not only spoken at prestigious architectural events but also contributed to the broader discourse on sustainable design as a LEED Member and a Juror for Masters’ Students at the University of Nottingham.

Mustafa Poonawala



Mr. Mustafa Poonawala

CFO Mr. Mustafa Poonawala, a Chartered Certified Accountant based in London, UK, adds financial acumen to our leadership. His 15 years of global expertise and his role as the Proprietor of Tahas Accountants and Co. underscore our commitment to fiscal responsibility and ethical financial practices.

Meet The Team

Our diverse team of more than 200 individuals brings together a symphony of talent, ideas, and expertise. From interior designers and architects to project managers and visualizers, each member is a critical note in our journey towards a sustainable and innovative future. Among them are:

Ummaima C.

Interior Designer

Jamila C.

Interior Designer

Lalit Mistry

Studio Project Coordinator

Vinod Kumar

3D Studio Manager

Surur Ahmed

Sr. 3D Visualizer

Ganesh Yadav

Business Development Manager

Maaz Hussain

Sr. Architect

Ashish Nishad

Jr. Architect

Samidha B.

Jr. Architect

Nikita Vadel

Sr. Administrator

Sagar Mohite

Interior Designer

Kalim Bijli

BIM Modeler

Jeffy thomas G.

Jr. Architect

Yojana Mhatre

3D Visualizer

Samruddhi S.

Sr. Architect

Siddique Sayyed

CAD Designer

Sauban Savkar

Estimation & Costing Eng.

Ujjwal Shah

Jr. Interior Designer

Abdul Kalam

Sr. Studio Manager

Abizer H.

Office Admin

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Our Values


We place honesty at the heart of all we do.


Helping each other makes us more efficient.


Helps us transform information into action.


Excellence is our standard for all projects.


We embrace creativity and new ideas.


Helps in working smarter & staying focused.