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Speaking at the IPAX Award.


Ipax Property Award


Bangkok, Thailand


30th & 31st May 2023

Huzaifa Chahwala(CEO)

[ Sustainable Development Expert ]

Speaker That knows What is good and sustainable!

Huzaifa Chahwala has been practicing in Mumbai and globally (in London, Dubai, and East Africa). He is a Sustainable Development Expert and advisor to numerous governments and organizations around the globe.

The Future Of Sustanibility

Designing for People and the Planet: The Intersection of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

At the heart of sustainable architecture is the belief that we can create buildings and spaces that not only benefit the environment but also improve people’s lives. From designing buildings that promote health and wellbeing to creating sustainable communities, our firm is committed to designing for both people and the planet. Join us as we explore the intersection of sustainability and social responsibility and how we can create a better future for all.

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